All That Glitters: France Trip!

In a few weeks myself, my mom, and my grandma are going to visit France!

I’m very excited to visit and think it will be a great expierence. When traveling with three different people, let alone three different personalities, you end up with a lot of different places we all want to visit.

For me, Paris is where I want to be. My grandma wants to spend time in the French Alps and explore the cheese farms. Mom, of course after writing about Keatyn’s trip to the south of France, wants to spend our days lounging on the French Rivera.

Even though this seems like a lot to do in just over a week, we managed to get everything fit into one schedule. I’m super excited to get to go and see many parts of France and explore them with two of my favorite women!

Here are some of the places we are going! I’m sure Mom will be tweeting and sharing lots of our trip photos!

A big thank you also goes out to author, Patricia Sands, for all the great information about things we should be sure to see and how best to get around the country. Be sure to follow her BLOG! She has a new book coming out soon and the characters in it go to many of the places we’ll be visiting!!

Have you ever been to France? Have any suggestions on things that we shouldn’t miss?