All That Glitters: Breaking Dawn: Part Two Drink!

Hey, everyone! It’s Kenzie here on All That Glitters. This week I am so excited to see the premier of Breaking Dawn: Part Two!

This is a cute cocktail that fits right into the movie!

Bat Bite Cocktail

2 shots white rum

2 shots cranberry juice

1 shot creme de framboise liqueur

1/2 shot of lime juice

Shake well with ice and strain into a glass. Slice a strawberry so the top is off and its cut in half. Skewer the strawberry slice and a bat cutout onto a toothpick and rest across the glass.






All that Glitters is written by Jillian Dodd’s daughter, Kenzie. She’s a high school senior, who loves travel, clothes, shoes, makeup, and is learning to cook.